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Collins Snow White Cocktail Onions 8oz Bottle

SNOW WHITE COCKTAIL ONIONS – Discover an 8oz jar of hand-packed snow white onions. White in color and mildly-sweet in taste, these are also one of the best garnishes for classic cocktails.
COCKTAIL GARNISH – Onions are the signature garnish of the Gibson, Bloody Mary, or any other classic cocktail that calls for extra crunch and character.
TASTY PICKLED SNACK – If you’re a fan of pickled snacks, you’ll love these pickled onions in jar. The onions offer mildly-sweet flavor with added crunch, which perfectly complements cheeses and meats.
SUSPENDED IN VINEGAR – These sweet white onions are housed inside salty vinegar to keep the onions fresh for a longer period of time, which also further increases the flavor profile.
GIFT FOR COCKTAIL LOVERS – These gourmet snow white cocktail onions are the ideal gift for parties, housewarming, weddings, birthdays, or just as a surprise gift for cocktail connoisseurs.

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